Find the Most Accurate Results with Simple Google Search Tricks

Hundreds of millions of people use Google Search more than any other search engine. A search engine works by matching the key terms that users enter in the search box to the web pages on web. So, using the key terms which are most likely to appear on web pages will deliver the best results on SERP. Google Search Tricks comes handy to make your searches on Google Search Engine better than before.

Google helps you to find exactly what you are looking for. Search the world’s information that includes webpages, videos, images and much more. Google search engine, provides numerous tricks that you can use to access its database better and more efficiently.  At times, no matter how specific your keywords are, Google Search would show only what it wants to. So, in any of these cases you must be smart enough than Google in terms of your search measures. Though Google is the most widely used search engine, but majority of users don’t realize how much more powerful they can make their searches by using very easy Google Search Tricks.

Using the Quick Google Search Tricks, you can get most of the Google, make the searches better, and find the useful content quickly with utmost ease than before.

List of simple tweaks that makes your Google searches much more powerful:

  1. Put asterisks in the place of word that you cannot remember in any phrase, and Google will understand for you
  2. Prefix “intitle:” to the keywords in Google’s Search Box, it will show the results which have those keywords in their titles
  3. Prefix the minus sign (-) to the word in the keyword that you want to exclude in the search results
  4. Follow the format “X” 0r “Y” to do two Google Searches on the same tab of Search Result
  5. Find hilarious GIFs easily by clicking “Animated” from the “Search Tools” Tab
  6. You can search if your website is given as a link on third party website, by typing, link:[insert website’s name]
  7. For searches related to Figure (Year, Number, or Price), use [insert the subject you want to search for] 2012..2015 (Example – Filmfare awards 2012..2015)
  8. Find websites of similar niche, just enter – related: [insert website’s name]
  9. To find places near your area, you just must say [insert the place type] near me
  10. To get the information published within a specific time frame, Go to -> Search Tools -> Any Time -> Select the time frame
  11. To find your public IP address, enter ip address in the Google Search Box
  12. To know the flight schedule type, [insert the flight name]
  13. Set a timer by typing – Set timer for [insert the time]
  14. Google Search Box has a “Tip Calculator”. Just type, tip calculator
  15. To find the origin of words, suffix etymology to the word. Type – [insert the word] etymology
  16. To know the time of sunrise and sunset in your city, follow – sunrise [insert city name], or, sunset [insert city name]
  17. Click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, and see a lot of Google Doodles and Smile.
  18. Use quotes for searching an exact phrase.
  19. Search images by using “Images”
  20. Simply press mic icon on the Google’s Search Bar, and just say “heads or tails” or “flip a coin”, which lets Google flip a coin for you.
  21. Press the mic icon, and say “I Love You” or “give me a love quote”, Google’s love quote generator feature will provide the websites with love quotes.
  22. Search “tilt” in Google’s Search Box for tilting your screen.
  23. Use “DEFINE:” in Google Search Box to learn the meaning of any word, including slang.

These useful Google Search Tricks from basics to all new features will change the way you search on Google’s search engine.

How to Search on Google Effectively?

  1. Tip #1: Fine-Tune Your Query with More Keywords.
  2. Tip #2: Search for Either One Word or Another.
  3. Tip #3: Include Stop Words.
  4. Tip #4: Exclude Irrelevant Words.
  5. Tip #5: Search for Similar Words.
  6. Tip #6: Search for Similar Pages.
  7. Tip #7: Search for an Exact Phrase.
  8. Tip #8: Use Google’s Advanced Search Page
  9. Tip #9: Search Within Your Search Results
  10. Tip #10: Search Google’s Other Sites

Do better research, and find the useful content easily and quickly than before by using Google Search Tips and Tricks. There’s always more to a Google Search than just entering few search terms.

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