Web Search Engines – Helping Hand to get Information

An Internet Search Engine is a tool that allows users to find the required piece of information on Web. The search results are often referred to as Search Engine Result’s Page (SERP), all the search results are presented in a line of results. Top Search Engines list available are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Aol Search, Wow, WebCrawler, MyWebSearch, and many more. Though we have so many web search engines, but for many people, Google is the Internet. It’s the most popular search engine that is helping since ages for providing accurate data.Web Search Engines

Thousands of pages are present on the web and have all the related information on various topics. Search Engines are the messengers who provide the same info to the user. Whenever a request for information with a particular query is searched on Google Search Box, it provides the data.

Why there is need of Web Search Engines?

Today with thousands of web pages available on Search Engines, not everyone will have the right information. Here, Search Engines act as a filter for us. When user searches for any information on Google Search Box, Search Engines would prevent the inaccurate data to get displayed for users. Accurate information related to the search query will reach out to you through SERP’s. Therefore, without having web search engines, it would be difficult for user to get relevant data.

Understand a little more about SERP’s:

SERPs, an acronym for Search Engine Results Page, which will list out all the results found for the specific Keyword / Search Query. Here you need to enter the word that you want to search for on Google Search Box. The search engines return the list of websites that will provide you the desired results. Similar to your newspapers and magazines, the content might be handpicked without having search engines. Therefore, Search Engines are very much important for retrieving right information for the searched query.

Do you know how does Search Engines work?

With search engines we are able to find the specific information within seconds. Search Engine updates their index to World Wide Web constantly.

Web search engine do by making use of spiders that crawl the internet and fetch all web pages. All the data used in the webpages will get added to the index. When someone searches for a particular keyword, the internet search engine already has a list of websites referring to the searched keyword.

Every Search Engine has its own algorithm to generate Search Results on the basis of various elements on a web page. Different Web Page elements would include Page Title, Meta Tags (Meta Description and Meta Keywords) and Content.

Major Search Engine Functions:

Search Engines have two major functions that play a very important role in Search Engine Optimization i.e. crawling and indexing the web page. Moreover, Search Engines provide the most relevant highly ranked websites to the search users.

  1. Crawling – A Crawler is a Search Engine Spider or Search Engine Bot. For indexing, the crawler searches around the web for new webpages.
  2. Indexing – Once Search Engine crawls all around the web and find some new pages, it then indexes the information in its directory of documents or information. When any related search query comes up, it retrieves the same information. Moreover, it processes the large amount of data very quickly.
  3. Provide Information – Internet Search Engines is more like an answering machine. Whenever any user types in query on Search Box, the web search engines would quest its giant database. The information already crawled and indexed by search engine and displays the most relevant and popular search results.

Search Engines are the mastermind with complexity and highly qualitative algorithms. They have brought the concept of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Therefore, to have a web page into search engine results, you need to do two things:

  • Get into Search Engine Index
  • Get the webpage in top search results before display

The rank of a webpage in SERP depends on 3 factors,

  1. Actual Content of webpage
  2. Interlinking with other pages on web
  3. Reputation of domain from where the web page is displayed.

The most Noteworthy thing about search engine is, Web Search Engines want to satisfy their users by providing them related information for the search query.