What is Mobile Marketing and Why Does It Matter So Much?

Every activity, from opening an email to visiting your website and reading your content that a user can do on a desktop computer, can be easily done on mobile devices. Mobile is drastically disrupting the way people get engaged with the brands.

Generally, mobile marketing is a promotional activity, which is designed for branding your product to smart phones, cell phones, and other handheld devices. Mobile Marketing is a digital marketing, multi channel strategy aimed at reaching the target audience using websites, email, social media, apps, SMS and MMS on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It has enormous reach with a huge target. According to the market research, there are billions of active smartphone users.

For any business to achieve success, it is sufficient to have just a fraction of these billion users. Mobile Marketing is a great tactic that completely takes the advantage of increasing mobile trends by advertising to the millions of individuals who use their mobile phones every single day of their lives.

Advertising via mobile phones or other mobile devices is known as mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is a subset of mobile marketing. To have an effective mobile advertising you need to understand your mobile audience, design your content with mobile friendly, and make strategic use of SMS/MMS marketing and mobile applications.

The most common delivery channel for mobile marketing is SMS messaging. With all the expanding capabilities of using mobile devices to target the audience, several new types of interactive marketing are enabled.

  1. LBS – Location-Based Service
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. 2D Barcodes
  4. GPS Messaging

Mobile technology is all about personalization and customization. The mobile advertising industry would grow, with any marketing efforts. Every brand and organization will start to develop unique mobile strategies on the target audience and the industry.

Why do you need a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

A successful mobile marketing strategy is required for the future of any business since the adoption of digital devices with mobile usage continues to dominate the tech world. Business needs mobile advertising techniques, by designing and targeting the millions of mobile users.

How to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

  1. Create Mobile Buyer Personas for general and specific data helping you develop audience personas including usage of mobile devices.
  2. Set the Goals with key stakeholders to map your mobile marketing strategy and know what success looks like.
  3. Test and optimize your mobile marketing strategy by establishing KPIs.
  4. Monitor the Mobile Metrics helping you understand which pages to optimize for mobile.

The most effective and vast division in digital marketing is building a mobile marketing strategy for your business. From email marketing to SEO, to PPC Advertisements, to social media marketing, and to content marketing, there is a mobile marketing channel that can reach every part of your target audience where they are most comfortable.

Don’t wait—go mobile today! Mobile technology is not going away anytime soon. So, building a proper marketing strategy for mobile will give your brand and organization an edge with its enormous reach.


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