Top Five Future Apple Products

Apple designs their products to be stable and robust. Are you an Apple freak? Are you excited about all the Apple products? What can be some of the exciting products that Apple will be releasing soon? The recent Developers Conference held at Apple revealed some of the updates and new products that we can expect soon.

Let us look at the five-possible products Apple would release in future:

  1. Augmented Reality: As most of the tech giants envision, Augmented Reality would be the technology that would replace this era of the smartphone. Apple will have the largest AR platform by introducing it to the latest version of iOS. Initially, developers will be building AR apps for iPhones and Apple will have a major lead over all its AR competitors. Apple can achieve this by a simple software update on all the existing devices. This would set up Apple for a long run and sooner or later, this technology will be implemented in wearables. We believe that iPhone 8 will be a great start for Apple’s AR devices.
  2. Foldable phone: Apple already uses flexible display panels on the new iPhone X. The flexible display allows Apple to wrap the display backward behind itself. It seems most likely that Apple would be keen on making a foldable screen into its popular smartphone. Based on the patent images, the iPhone could feature an edge to edge display and bend along the center line that splits the device into two halves. This would allow two people view the device at the same time.
  3. iCycle: As many bicyclists desire to access different information as they ride, such as speed, position, heart rate, power or other information, Apple is developing an advanced Smart Bicycle System. The smart Bicycle includes the full iOS/iCloud integration for interacting with all your iOS devices, Nike+ integration so they can track your stats as you ride, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The internal battery of the bike will be re-charged while you are riding it. All your iOS devices can also be charged here on the go. iCycle can also utilize various sensors built into iPhone as well as the sensors that are already built into the bike.
  4.  Apple Pencil: Apple patent reveals Apple Pencil working with a future iPhone. The touch screen of the iPhone would receive input from an active Apple pencil. The pairing operation between the iPhone can be done through a wired connection or a wireless connection. The wireless communication channel could be Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The drawing application on your iPhone can be accessed in a restricted mode by swiping from an edge of the touchscreen with the Apple pencil (Stylus). Also, these Apple Pencils would notify the user when to change the tip to avoid display damage.
  5. Digital Scroll Device: An Apple patent introduced a portable device with a flexible OLED screen which retracts into two hollow casings. Speakers and mics can be placed in the hallowed casings. The screen stretches out when we pull the casings apart. The OLED technology would keep the screen stiff when being used and becomes flexible when it is rolled away. Both the housing rollers consist of internal spring and this helps the screen roll back into the housing. This can be achieved by releasing a latch attached to the screen. So, when the device is closed, the magnets hold the housing, support slats, & other movable components together.

The company’s vision for the future lies in these flabbergasting products that we all are eagerly looking forward to investing on.

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