SEO Guide to Improve your Ranking on Amazon and Flipkart

What a customer wants when he goes for a shopping? The most customer wants a value for their money spent and a hand of care. Implying the same for the sellers and web retailers who list their products on these shopping portals, and always want to rank on top in the product listing when compared to other sellers.

The e-commerce giants, Amazon and Flipkart are the best shopping portals around the world that gear up offering a great product quality for its buyers and they always prefer to get an assurance from their sellers to maintain the same. Both Amazon and Flipkart have built an excellent chance for the third-party sellers to earn more money by listing products in their portals. Hence, if you are looking forward to the SEO guidelines to rank your products on both the portals, then keep on reading this article.

It is not a wonder that its popularity continues to rise with the Sellers and Web Retailer. From the research, the portals have recently reported that the sellers who have listed their product on Amazon and Flipkart are earning 4 times more than the other sellers when compared to the other shopping portals.

So, considering how important it is for a seller to rank on top of other listed products, I am sharing some of the important tips and tricks that are helpful for you to rank your products high on Flipkart and Amazon increasing your sales.

1. Get Reviews:

It’s enormous to have client’s reviews on the product page, as it is very helpful for the customers to decide on purchasing. It has been noted that “88% of consumers now say that they trust in online reviews as much as personal recommendations”.

One must try and think beyond, and get the reviews from customers that contain media. Having video reviews or a review of a product image could work wonders for selling a product online. If you are familiar with some people locally who have enjoyed using your product, then just go to them and request for a review on the product on these shopping portals. You can even enquire at a local university /college/ institute to find students who can help you out with the project.

According to a research, around 90% of buyers fail to leave a feedback on the products they purchase from Amazon and Flipkart. However, these shopping portals use programs one like Feedback Five that helps in improving the volume of feedback submitted & remove those negative comments on the product. These Amazon and Flipkart shopping portals stress an importance on the performance of sellers when ranking the seller’s products in the top positions.

Why not contact the sellers outside of Amazon and Flipkart to provide the reviews? The benefits of these reviews are that if some clients present you with negative or constructive feedback on your product this can help you increase your product ranking without affecting them. This is a good trick when releasing a new product.

  • More Reviews = Higher Rankings + More Clicks from Buyers in Search Results
  • Higher Rankings + More Clicks from Buyers in Search Results = More Orders and Sales
  • More Orders and Sales = More Chances to get more Reviews
  • And Repetition.

2. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords:

Considering the seller rating and price, the shopping portals “Amazon and Flipkart” also gives an importance to the keywords in product’s title to rank the listings. The keyword stuffing (Black Hat) option for a product’s title which is a very evocative of tricks that SEO companies employ to increase Google rankings.

So, with the product title, you have a character limit of up-to 500 characters allowing you to include various possible keywords to ensure that your product is visible during a search on these portals. They also suggest the sellers to include a brand name, description, product line, material, color, weight, size and quantity in this fields.

Additionally, I would suggest you for using the Keyword Tools, which these portals use autocomplete feature to find famous long tail keywords, where they are awarded a score from 1-10. You must export the ones you seem to be the best fit and import them into Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, where you can get an idea about the search volume of these keywords.

Apart from the product title, these shopping portals will allow the seller to enter details into the keyword fields. Hence, it is very important to understand that it would become ineffectual to add any keywords that are already used in the Product Title. You are allowed five keywords or keyword phrases to put in this field, so use them wisely!

3. High Conversions Product Listing:

To win and stay for long-term sales on Amazon and Flipkart Portals, you need to have a high converting product listing. You must optimize your product listing for conversions, but in general, conversion is a total combination of following things:

  • Powerful and trustable brand/seller name
  • Product title having important keyword
  • Available product images for all view i.e. left, right, top and bottom
  • Product description (describing benefits in combination with features and SEO keywords)
  • Key points about the Product
  • Reassurance of product specifications
  • Addressing concerns

4. Give it away for free:

If you are a starter, then it is a very good way to boost SEO. This can have a significant effect on the long-term business, but this isn’t a good move. As discussed, obtaining customers reviews is very important to get your products shown. So, to gather them, offer customers a good discount coupon in exchange for a review of the product. This will instantly increase your search rankings on the Amazon and Flipkart Portals, ensuring that the clients will come back next time on your product page for the products you are selling.

For generating goodwill about your products, stale inventory is one of the best way to implements giveaway to buyers. This way, when the customers are looking to buy an item in the future, they will come to you before going to anywhere else.

5. Get advertising:

If you are looking out to place your product in front of as many eyeballs as possible, then try sponsored products on Amazon and Flipkart Portals. This lets your product to be displayed below the search results, in the right-hand column or on detail pages when someone searches for the product. For making more Ads visible the users, Amazon and Flipkart are planning to expand this feature soon as well thereby providing a free credit to get you started as well.

  • A blog with your product having unique and user-friendly content can drive traffic back to your product listing.
  • Advertising your products on Facebook PPC, Bing, Amazon PPC, Google PPC and other advertisement platforms.
  • Hitting forums, social media, and communities like Reddit help you gain a following for your profile.
  • Get featured on blogs within your industry.
  • Get affiliate marketers (publisher) who are already on Amazon and your niche to sell your product too
  • And much more…

6. Marketing on the other Channels:

Even though email communications and direct call to action are prohibited as it leads the users away from these shopping portals, but this doesn’t mean that sellers cannot market the people to your listing page on Amazon / Flipkart. A great way to achieve is article writing and blogs, as it helps you to target your business niche providing relevant content.

Also, you can consider using websites like Hubpages, qudoo, sooperarticles, etc.where you can write an article on your subject and link back to your Flipkart or Amazon Store. Earning recommendations from an authoritative site in the form of a link back can help you increase the SEO on the website.

Sellers can even attach a coupon to the bottom of their products packing slip so that they can build an effective customer retention.

7. Stay Competitive and Win the Buy Box:

Sellers who are disbelievers avoid selling their products on Amazon and Flipkart because of the misconception that they are too competitive. But, 55% sellers of these portals report a profit margin of above 20%.

Amazon and Flipkart state that along with availability, fulfillment, offers and customer experience, having a right pricing is very crucial to win the buy box.

Repricing tools like FeedVisor or Teikametrics are useful for monitoring your competitors’ prices 24×7 that ensures you are competitive and help you. Even by bidding $0.01 could be the deciding factor, which is working well around the clock in real time, is a massive benefit on these products. For example, if one of your competitors is out of stock for a certain product due to some reasons, then the repricing tool will automatically raise your price to ensure that you have a maximum profit.

8. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Discounts are a very important way of converting highly motivated buyers and building a lasting customer relationship.

Having special discounts on the products and announcing daily deals could land you at the top position in your product category. This even open ups a chance of appearing on the home page of these shopping portals under the “Hot Deals” and “New & Noteworthy” categories, generating a lot of traffic.

This also provides a great exposure to other related products in the list, which can be even listed on the product page. Thus, allowing the clients to see your other offerings at a glance and possibly entice them to buy one of your full priced items.

Do you have some tactics to improve the rank of product listings on Amazon / Flipkart Portal? Drop in your suggestions in the comment section below and stay tuned with Marketing Freak for more fresh information about the internet world.

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