What is Quality Score and How Does It Affect PPC Advertisement?

In AdWords campaign, Google assigns a Quality score to every keyword that can have effects on the campaign performance. If you know how to increase the score, then this Quality Score assigned can give an edge. Google awards the advertiser with Quality Score for providing the best search experience from keyword queries to the landing pages.

Quality Score is the most important factor in Google AdWords, which is rating of the quality (Dynamic Variable) and relevance of both your PPC Ads and Keywords. This score have the massive impact over the cost and effectiveness of your SEM campaigns. Google’s Quality Score affects how does your PPC Ads perform and how much cost you pay for each Ad click. For a higher Quality score, you can achieve higher keywords ranking at a lower cost.

The Quality Score depends on:

  1. Relevance of every keyword to its Ad Group.
  2. Relevance of the Ad Text.
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR).
  4. Historical Performance of your AdWords Account.
  5. Relevance and Quality of Landing Page.

It’s very difficult to know how much each of the factors in Quality Score “weighs”, but among these CTR is the most important component to consider. When more number of people who see your Ads on search click it, then Google considers these Ads to be highly relevant and helpful to the users. Accordingly, Google will reward you with higher ad rankings and it lower the costs, enhancing the Ads performance.

How does Google Determine the Ad Relevance?

  1. Use the focused keyword in the headline.
  2. Try using dynamic keyword insertion.
  3. Ask a question to trigger user to click on Ad.

What Determines Quality Score?

Google’s Quality Score rating is used to determine your CPC (Cost Per Click), which is multiplied by your maximum bid to know the Ad Rank in the process of Ad Auction.

Quality Score has a direct correlation on the success of your PPC Advertisement, so optimizing it would help you achieve higher ROI. Higher Quality Score is correlated with lower cost per conversion. Generally, Cost Per Click is higher than the Cost Per Conversion. However, having higher Quality Scores lower both Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion.

Meeting a higher quality score indicates that your PPC ad meets the needs of your potential customer. The better you are at maintaining the prospect’s requirements, the less you will be charged for the Ad click from Google.

How do you Improve your Quality Score?

  1. Discover highly relevant keywords, including long-tail opportunities to add to your campaigns.
  2. Split your keywords into organized groups which can more efficiently contribute to the individual ad campaigns.
  3. Test out the Ad copy which is more targeted to the individual Ad Groups for high CTR.
  4. Optimize the landing pages to connect directly with the Ad Groups for cohesive experience, from keywords to the conversion.
  5. Add negative keywords to the Ad Groups that excludes irrelevant search terms.
  6. Decrease the load time of your landing pages.

Quality Score is primarily a measure of relevance, which is determined by click-through rates. For achieving this, it’s very important to write powerful ads to grab attention from user on search.

When your AdWords account contains the organized keywords in their appropriate keyword groups, the Ad text corresponding with their certain Ad Groups, and the landing pages which connect with the text of your Ads, therefore it means you have a higher quality score for your Ads account.

Streamline your campaigns with improved Quality Score, which will help you be more competitive.

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