7 Easy Ways to Turn Website Traffic into Actionable Leads

To gauge the online success, website is the most important means. Whether you have a business which is driven by direct sales, word-of-mouth, referrals or by online marketing, every individual user who intend to buy anything from you will visit your company’s website. The website is a collection of all the related web pages that include the important information about your product or services. It’s a central hub for all the online marketing activities that you would implement for promoting your business.

All the individual users who visit your website would either gain relevant information or intend to buy. As a business owner, you would like to know the behavior of the user to understand how good your website is performing, which is known as Website Traffic. Web Traffic refers to the web users who visit a website, which is measured in sessions or visits. Website Traffic is the most common way to measure an online business effectiveness at attracting a target audience.

A website is the best source of potential customers which you may not be using to its potential, just because of less online traffic. The users who are coming to your web page are more likely interested in buying your service. However, if you don’t engage your visitors proactively within first few seconds when they arrive at your web page, then they’ll leave your site and never return.

Getting more traffic to the website doesn’t always mean that you are likely to get more sales. For your web page to serve a good marketing channel for your business, it should have lead-generating content. You need to make efforts to monetize the internet web traffic by converting the website traffic into actionable leads.

One of the best ways that you can use in promoting your product or service through email marketing or doing a follow-up phone call, which is also known to be inbound marketing. So, the best way that you can adopt for attracting visitors to your web page is Content Marketing. You need to plan and execute all the various content marketing strategies to proactively engage your visitors, which includes blogging, email marketing, and social media.

Before we learn what are the effective ways for converting website traffic into actionable leads, you need to know the things which you were lacking to turn the traffic into revenue.

Here are the 3 things we lacked:

  1. Effective lead capture devices on our websites
  2. Insights on which leads were taking the meaningful actions on our web page
  3. Immediate follow-up with the leads who had recently engaged with our pages.

Lead generating content would provide an opportunity to the visitors to give their contact information, which means the website traffic is now a lead conversion. By following the things discussed here, you can make the most of your existing traffic to get more engagement, while generating more number of leads.

How to Convert Traffic into leads?

  1. Landing Pages – Landing pages are designed for collecting the visitor’s contact information, which is one of the most effective ways to convert a website visitor into an actionable lead. Having an effective landing page with targeted traffic can give highest conversion ratio. You can add the landing pages inside your main content website, which increases the website traffic from search engines, direct traffic, and referrals and thus improvise the chances of lead generation.
  2. Unblockable Popup Forms – The other best way of converting website traffic into actionable leads is Unblockable popups that you generally see in many blogs and websites. These popups keep you engaged by showing all relevant information about the site. So, according to the market research, 2 to 10% of daily blog traffic is likely to get converted into leads in accordance with the effectiveness of your web blog offers. However, you must make sure that these popups are well-timed, and provide some value to your business, then there are more chances the user will take an action.
  3. Notification Bars – Notification bars are a less invasive way of communicating with your visitors. Notification Bars are very effective in directing traffic to the web page that can improve your website revenue by helping you to convert traffic into leads. These notification bars are configured to stick to the top of your website, which remains on top proving to be the very good attention grabber. The overlays can be triggered after a user lands on a page, click on certain link/button after a visitor exits the web page.
  4. Opt-In Forms – Most of the people visiting your blog posts may not pay attention in reading the content, there comes the very effective way, Opt-In Forms having relevant offers. Using Opt-In Forms you can build email lists easily and convert the webpage traffic into actionable leads. The best place where you can add Opt-In Forms in your Blog Posts is Sidebars and the space below the posts.
  5. Welcome Redirects – Another effective way of converting first-time visitors into actionable leads. Redirecting the visitors on their first-time visit to your website to any specific landing page to get more traffic. Welcome redirects also helps in acquiring more subscribers thus leading to increase in conversion. Using Welcome Redirects, you can introduce a new product to your target audience by delivering a message to the new visitors to your web page.
  6. Header Forms – One can use the opt-in box in the header area of your website for attracting visitors and engage them with relevant information. By adding header forms, you can engage the visitor with some more useful information, which
  7. Opt-in Forms inside the Videos – Opt-In Forms have become popular with the popularity of videos on web. These opt-in forms are inside the videos, which pops up during the video, but still, it allows the visitor to watch the video. The opt-in form can be triggered at the beginning of the video or the end.

Though there are different techniques for generating leads, a valuable content attracts visitors. You can then get the permission to email them to convert traffic into leads. Always build trust with the visitors by giving something valuable to convert traffic into leads.

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  1. Great article again Marketing Freak. There’s one thing you might want to include! We use this very often with our own business and with clients is to retarget those who have came through as a lead on your website. This means remarketing and continuously showing adverts as soon as they get off your website and as soon as they get on to Facebook, Instagram, Google or Youtube. For Facebook & Instagram, we run video adverts that get their buy-in with a promotional offer of some sort, and for Google, we can showcase video adverts that are more in line with brand awareness to get them back onto your website. And with Google, I would recommend AdWords retargeting.

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