How Google Updates might affect SEO Efforts?

Just Last month, a new feature to Search Console was rolled out by Google that was found as a part of Search Analytics tool. Google updates the new feature to be a search query comparison tool that lets user to compare keyword data. Therefore, users can now compare two different search terms against one another.

Furthermore, three more updates were rolled out by Google for users to experience.

Three major Google updates –

  1. Search Console Rich Results Filter
  2. Instant Medical Information for Symptom Searchers
  3. Alerts that allows you to know if anyone tries to hack your website.

Google Updates Rich Results Filter in Search Console:

With the new rich results filter added in Search Analytics report, users can now view all performance related data.

You can find new data by logging into your Search Console account. Select your website, click onto Search Traffic Report and navigate to Search Analytics. Under Search Appearance tab, filter is an option to choose “Rich Result”.

In Rich Result Filter, you would be able to find most important data that includes clicks, impressions and search position. With all of these data, you can easily track the performance of rich results & optimize it based on your need.

In addition, Rich Cards are similar to Rich Snippets, where you can add structured data markup for certain elements. The Elements to add markup data include ratings, reviews, etc. The Rich cards are displayed right at the top of mobile search results.

In accordance with PSM marketing, a Minnesota based marketing agency says that rich snippets and cards maybe a necessity for now, but they are likely grow a huge importance in the coming years. Moreover, by making use of Rich Snippets helps to boost your business visibility in Search Results through SEO.

Instant Medical Information for Symptom Searches:

When user is searching for some medical symptoms and condition, Google’s new giant update is being rolled out to provide more immediate answers using Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Instant Medial Info update provides results for very particular symptoms, such as “pain in right knee” and returns a list of health conditions that are related to symptoms. Therefore, users can see the general description of symptom, DIY treatment information & whether there is a need to consult to doctor. Here, Google searches for all the mentions of symptom asked by the user and compares in its database with all information collected from doctors and returns the results.

Isn’t it an amazing feature rolled out by Google updates? Yes, it is…! Google’s Knowledge Graph provides more convenience to its user by providing all instant information about medical symptoms searches.

Google’s Analytics alert to protect your website from hacking:

As a part of Google’s effort for improving security issues, Google has rolled out a new update for preventing websites from being hacked for spam. In consideration to the violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Google Analytics will send you an alert if your site has been hacked.

When some third party user will hack your website, then immediately your domain will be flagged by Google Analytics. Google Search Analytics will provide you with helpful resources for fixing the problem.

According to Google’s research, spam related hacking issues were 180% up between September 2015 and its previous year. The issues were resolved 75% of time when website owners contact directly.

Most Noteworthy – Hacking of website can result into spam and affects your SEO, i.e. visibility on Search Engine. Though, it leads to lower rankings and removal from Search results altogether, but it may also damage reputation of your business. Hence, it directs your potential customers away from yur services or products.

New security feature gives a very strong reason for website owners to start using Google’s Analytics for protecting from spamming.

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