Easy Tips to Recover from Google Panda Update

Many companies just roll out for steps to prevent their sites from getting affected negatively by Google Panda. Note if you are using all suitable Google techniques for your business, then you can avoid worries that most of the companies face. But, it’s important to have an idea on what Google Panda Update is and what it does to your site.

Google Panda update is a search engine filter introduced by Google early in year 2011. Google Panda 4.2 update began rolling out on July 18, 2015 and it still continues until the next Panda bite rolls out in the industry.

Have you ever thought why does Google release its update every cycle?  – It is just to remove low quality websites from Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and help high quality website to climb their ways into the top of SERP.

Though it halts the progression of low quality websites, at the same all pages from that website may not be affected. Affected pages with positive page level signals will not find a major drop in Search Engine rankings, whereas negatively affected page with less page level signals will get major drop in SERP rankings.

So, in case your website is negatively affected by Google Panda 2015 which is a site wide stroke, then you have to wait for completion of another Panda roll out. Once the Panda update 2015 is completed, then you have to wait for Google’s another update to roll out that happens in the beginning of second half of 2016.

How can I know if my website is protected from hit of Panda Bite? – The most prominent way to find out if your website is successfully evaded from Panda roll out is to analyze your Analytics, Organic Traffic and mainly check for Google’s SERP ranking.

How to avoid Google Panda Update 2015?

Panda update improves the SERP ranking for high quality websites, but for owners of low quality website, it’s a great matter of concern. Wondering how can you be sure about to escape from getting affected by Panda bite 2015? To successfully avoid Panda 4.2 hit on your site you have to make your site a high quality one. Stop craving out! Crawling down the page you would find the possible tips with essential tweaks to prepare your website for avoiding Panda Update hit.

Points to improve the quality of your website:

  • Make sure the information provided by you on the website should be reliable for the users.
  • Always provide unique content with original statistics to avoid duplicate content on your site.
  • Make your website look professional with no grammatical, visual and factual errors.
  • Content on your website should be written with interest to users and not for Search engines.
  • Build a brand value by providing valuable information to the users and search engine that will help you rank on top of SERP results.
  • Always keep the information on your website transparent, which means provide details about the product / service.
  • Do not over optimize your webpages for Google search engine, instead produce high quality content.

Follow the list of tips provided above to recover your website from Google Panda update. So, focusing on your website to make it trustworthy and valuable, not only helps you to avoid Google Panda updates, but they also improve your SERP rankings.

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