SEO Terms to Improve Organic SERP Results

Search Engine Optimization – SEO, is a technique that is used to enhance the visibility of website or its webpages on Search Engine’s “natural” or “unpaid” or “organic” search results. SEO plays a vital role in Internet marketing strategy.

Essential things considered by SEO –

  1. How the search engine works
  2. What users are searching for
  3. What are the actual terms types into search engine search box
  4. Which search engines are highly preferred by targeted audience.

When you start optimizing a website, then you edit its content, HTML and other associated code to remove barriers for indexing of search engine. By doing this, it helps you increase the page relevancy for particular keywords. Another SEO tactic is to promote your website for increasing the number of backlinks or inbound links.

For achieving SEO success, any website owner must have the knowledge of basic SEO terms that are commonly used. Because of these common SEO terms you can optimize your website more effectively.

Basic SEO Terms:

  1. Citations
  2. Keyword Prominence
  3. Keyword Density
  4. Keyword Proximity
  5. Keyword Stuffing
  6. Search Engine Visibility
  7. Bounce Rate
  8. Page Rank
  9. Link Juice
  10. Page Authority
  11. Domain Authority

In millions of results that search engine throws out at us, we can see that 94% of the users find their required terms in the Golden Triangle i.e. the top three results. Perform better SEO for your website by following proper SEO guidelines and achieve the top 3 page rank in Search Engines Result Page. Practicing good SEO basically depends on implementation of good techniques including the best relevant content and good number of back-links to your website.

Furthermore, the top 3 positions on Search Engine Result Page also helps you drive more traffic to your webpages, which can lead to conversion or sales based on your product / services.

With all these, one can say that for a newbie this is just the seashore and there is an ocean wide open that is waiting to be explored. Hope this post has given you a brief on what is SEO and what are the important terms used in SEO for better optimization.

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